breast reconstruction after a breast cancer

Breast reconstruction is a type of plastic surgery carried out on women. The practice involves the removal of all or a part of the breast. The main reason of plastic surgery is to mold the breast to its original shape and size after mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Mastectomy is when the breast of a woman is fully removed while lumpectomy is partial removal of some part of the breast with cancer.However, decision to have reconstruction is always made by the individual. Before undergoing the procedure, information is provided to make sure a woman understand every fact or word used during the process.

Well, several plastic surgery techniques are used during the process of reconstruction. However, the results are usually highly variable. For instance, the new breast will lose the normal feeling and sensation of the original breast. The incisions lines are always visible and present on the breast. More often one breast is usually affected in case of mastectomy or lumpectomy. In such a case breast symmetry is paramount .To maintain symmetry a breast argumentation, lift, or reduction is necessary to the opposite breast to ensure the size and position of both breast is equal.

Before plastic surgeons carry on with the process, they ensure you have made the decision on your own merit. The fact being the procedure is highly individualized and the decision should be made by the individual but not because they want to fulfill someone else desire.

It is good to have breast reconstruction if

  • You are capable of dealing with diagnosis and treatment
  • No illnesses or medical conditions that may delay your healing process
  • You will be able to deal with the consequences of the procedure
  • The goals of restoring body image ad breast are positive and realistic.

Before undergoing the process of breast reconstruction, the consultation stage is very vital. This is aimed at ensuring the whole process is safe and successful. During the consultation, various questions are mused regarding your lifestyle, health and your desires. You will discuss

  • Options available
  • The outcome, associated risk and any potential complication that may arise during and after the procedure.
  • Previous surgeries
  • Reasons for the surgery, desired and expected results
  • Medical conditions or treatment and any drug allergy
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol, herbal supplement or medication

Before breast reconstruction, procedure is performed; medical evaluation and laboratory tests are done to ensure the candidate is qualified for the surgery. If taking herbal supplements, aspirin, or anti-inflammatory drugs they are avoided as they increase bleeding during surgery. Instructions are given regarding what to do during and after breast reconstruction, use of anesthesia and follow-up and pre-operative care

The actual procedure is comprised of various steps. All the steps are performed by a qualified plastic surgeon under ultimate care to ensure the whole procedure is successful. After surgery, healing process commences and it may take several weeks. It is paramount to follow all the instructions given during the healing process. As healing takes place breast position and shape improves.

The results of breast reconstruction have benefits. First, they will help improve self-esteem and confidence, second, physical appearance is improved after mastectomy and finally, woman feels and looks complete again.

“Round head”, the latest plastic trend in Korea

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Korea has been for long a pioneer of human improvement. Among the plastic surgery procedures popular in the country are the double eyelid surgeries, calf deductions, dimple injections, or double jaw surgeries.

In traditional Korea, plastic surgery was a violation of Confucian percepts, which also discouraged blood donation, organ donation, and cremation. However, plastic surgery has become lately a way to impress others, like buying expensive designer clothes. The main patients are young women entering the job market or marriage. They all think that they must look good in order to survive competition.

Korean society has become nowadays more open about the plastic surgery practice and in the same time the procedures have become increasingly eccentric and extreme. People are not satisfied anymore with double jaw surgery, nose jobs or pairing down cheekbones. Now even young girls shopping around for plastic surgery, especially in Seul’s beauty belt. Parents promise their daughter plastic surgery procedures such an eye or nose job if she passes her entrance exam for care

One consequence of the boom in plastic surgery is that young women start to look increasingly alike. They all come in with photos of celebrities or starlets who they want to copy. The consensus in Korea about what makes a pretty face is a smaller and shapely defined face, with a Westernized look.

Another consequence of the plastic surgery boom is that South Korea is increasingly gaining a reputation as a plastic surgery destination and Seul has become a kind of plastic surgery capital of the world. The technology is cutting edge and the doctors are highly skilled. That makes people from around the world to come here and have their chins thinned, their noses tweaked and their fat removed. And it is not only a female thing, as men make up around 30 percent of the patients of plastic surgery clinics.

There are plenty of plastic surgery procedures performed in South Korea, so nothing used to surprise as anymore until we heard of the latest trend. “Round head” is latest plastic trend in Korea now. The surgical plastic procedure involves a small incision and inserting a kind of bone cement in order to create a round head shape. The bone cement becomes part of the bone, adhering to the skull. It adds between 20 and 80 grams to the previous weight of the patient’s head.

Actually, the round head surgery has been around since 2009, but even if it still did not become mainstream in Korea it started to become trendy recently. “Round head” is not a common type of plastic surgery such as Korean rhinoplasty or double eyelid surgery but add to the eccentricity of some South Korean plastic surgery procedures. We all remember the trend of permanent smile surgery which it was ridiculed last year. ”Round head” plastic surgery might not spread in other parts of the world.

The round head plastic surgical procedure takes less than one hour to complete and it is pretty simple to perform. It caters to those people who are ridiculed for having a flat back of the head. This is a medical condition which is called “flat head syndrome” or “plagiocephaly”. The condition appears in young childhood and it is corrected in infants by wearing a helmet for several months.

What do you think about this plastic surgery trend? Isn’t a bit too extreme, even for South Korea?

Shop Online and Renew Your Closet After Liposuction

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liposunctionShop Online and Renew Your Closet After Liposuction. Liposuction can be a life-changing thing. After the successful procedure, regardless of what form of liposuction you may have had, it is time to reveal a whole new you — with a much better shape and figure.

Liposuction isn’t evil as what some people portray it to be. It is also not a last recourse for the lazy and those who don’t want to diet or do exercise. Sometimes, there are just problem areas which are too stubborn to work off. For example, you are a woman who recently gave birth. Even though you are able to shed off the baby weight, your tummy area may still look like you are a couple of months pregnant. No one can blame you because the tummy area takes the longest time to recover from pregnancy — it has been stretched so much and the muscles and tissues have been exposed to so much trauma. Liposuction would finally allow a woman to regain her pre-motherhood form in a shorter period of time. This is ideal in the case of women who work as models, celebrities, entertainers or performers. The same goes if she works in the fitness industry and having a pouch at her tummy will certainly destroy her image.

Liposuction treated areas

Liposuction targets different areas of the body — not just the tummy area. There are no dangers or complications to this. You can come out of the procedure several dress sizes smaller, and this means that your old clothes will no longer fit you after. Therefore, it is important to renew your closet after liposuction. This is one of the happy disadvantages of the procedure — you get to shop for new clothes and accessories, or change your wardrobe altogether.

Renewing your closet in one go may be pretty expensive. However, for some people, this is the ultimate way to show off their new figure. If you do not wish to change your clothes all in one go, you can invest in a few key pieces that you can mix and match with your older outfits. For smaller waistlines and thighs, you can target skinny jeans or slim pants. Buy a few in different colors: black, brown, khaki or coffee colored, white or beige. You can also go for a couple of denim pants. You can then mix and match these with other pieces that you have that can still be worn.

liposunction plastic surgery

One way to renew your closet after liposuction is to have the still new clothes or your favorite pieces altered to fit your new size. You can have skirts tightened and shirts adjusted accordingly to show off your trim and sexy figure. For example, long sleeved tops can be altered and changed into sleeveless ones; and body darts can be added to show off an hour-glass shaped figure. This way, you don’t have to spend too much on clothes all at the same time. It is also a good way to add variety to your closet.

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What to consider before having Plastic surgery for younger girls

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Currently, the young generations are becoming more familiar with cosmetic surgery. That is according to the recent survey conducted. With the current unimaginable advances mainly in science and technology, most of the things that human beings believed not to be possible can now be done successfully. Nowadays, performing any plastic surgery operation is not a big deal. In that case + Plastic surgery for younger girls, there are some of the important things that should be considered for that process to be successful. Some of these considerations to have before having any plastic surgery procedure include:health news

· A regular consultation with a qualified physician. It is advisable and also important to see a doctor on a regular basis in order for him/her to monitor closely whatever progress you may is having. The doctor can also advise about the common pros and cons of the operation. Since most of the people are familiar with the outcomes of this operation, it would be easier for you to come up with a well informed decision.

· Financial costs. In most cases, some of the procedures may be costly. Because of this, you should ensure that you have got enough funds for the operation. In that case, the responsible person in terms of finances should ensure that you enough funds since you may not be in a position to raise enough money for your operation.

· Logistics. You must understand that plastic surgeries are not as simple as you think. In fact you have to work on many things like insurance benefits, hospital admission, recovery period, transportation, medical records and many others. If in case you are being operated abroad, you have to keep in your mind other things such as airfare costs, flight details, and transfer procedures and so on.

· Support groups. These groups are very important. This is simply because they will be in a position to assist you not only during your actual procedure but also after your operation. If in case your operation is successful, then you should have people to celebrate with. Also in the other side, if your operation is unsuccessful, then you should have people who are there to cheer you up and also support you as you undergo some of the necessary adjustments.plastic surgery tips

· Emotional, mental and psychological preparation. When you are going to see the physician, it is also advisable that you see a qualified psychologist. The main reason for this is to just ensure that you are well prepared for your operation without having any problem. In addition to that also, the post-operation scenario can have a sought of a great impact on your own mind-set. It is then recommended that you prepare your own emotional, mental and psychological state.

In conclusion, having read these few important considerations, you would be well informed and ready to face the operation. You have to also know that, any alterations that are made to your body can be permanent and also irreversible. So, if you are a young girl and you are planning to have a plastic surgery, the above considerations should be taken seriously for your operation to be successful.